Consumer Product

  • A large market for consumer products have been opened as industries demands in optimization of manufacturing cost, every companies design team works hard on various design variants to concentrate on lesserr raw material usaage, lower manufacturing time, higher product life cycle
  • In this field Cadx works promisingly for its client's demands and delivers better results over the wide variants in customization industry with services like concept designing and analysis of creative products useed for small and medium scale industries for better efficiency, precision and cost.

3D printing

  • Cadx offers a wide range of 3d printing and rapid prototyping services. Choose from a variety of materials and finishes. We use World’s best technology to deliver you quality product at your convenience.
  • Explore never ending opportunities across industry verticals. 3d printing is now used by almost all manufacturing units to convert ideas into physical reality.
  • If you have the 3d file ready, simply upload it by clicking below button
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